Android マーケットにあげてみた4

How to use
First of all, set your glitch settings following [menu] -> [setting].


Unless you checked “LAUGHING GLITCH”, you can see normal glitch in camera view.
Setting values of “MIN” and “MAX” will be used in glitching.(When the value of “MIN” is greater than “MAX”, you will see no effects.) The selector of “GLITCH LEVEL” can change level of glitch. You can choose it.
camera view

Camera View

camera view 2

Camera View2

If you checked “LAUGHING GLITCH”, you can see glitching with face detection.
camera view 3

Camera View3

Strictly speaking, this effect is not glitch but shuffle. I want to change this until the next version up.
That’s all.
This application is so heavy… I should solve this task at next version up.

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3 thoughts on “Android マーケットにあげてみた4

  1. im using a nexus 4 device, and something isnt working right, i cant get no image in it, is it supposed to take pictures with the camera? i just get a black screen where it says ‘tap on the display…’ i can got to the settings window but i cant take anypictures with it…

  2. I’m sorry but I have been aware of my app have some bugs on Android OS 4.0+.
    Please give me the time to fix its bugs and update my app.


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