Android マーケットにあげてみた

How to use
First of all, set your glitch settings following [menu] -> [setting].


Red, Green and Blue seek bars set the ranges of breaking image. If the colors in image you see via your android phone’s camera were in the range of your (RGB)settings, they will be replaced to random color. Its replacement is made per 1 pixel. Min(Black) and Max(White) seek bars set the ranges of replacing random values. If you set Min -> 0 and Max -> 100(max), random color will be picked from #000000 to #ffffff.
camera view

Camera View

You can save image by touching anywhere of display.
If you check “I NEED MORE GLITCH”, above settings will be ignored and you can see powerful breaking image.


camera view

Camera View

That’s all.
This application is so heavy… I should solve this task at next version up.

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